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How To Make Your Own 3D Covers

Make Your Own
3D Ebook Covers

Save yourself a whole bunch of money. Better yet, MAKE money creating custom 3D cover images!

You've seen them throughout the Internet. 3D cover images that depict electronic ebooks, reports, and software products.

Such a simple concept. Take an intangible product and then create a visual image where there is none. Voila!

The amount of sales for an ebook or software product has just been instantly *boosted*.

So how do you take advantage of this great sales booster?

The obvious answer would be to hire a graphic artist. Unfortunately, that could cost you a considerable amount of money. And if you're like most budding netpreneurs, you have limited funds available.

But there IS an alternative...

The Affordable Solution

Make Your Own 3D Ebook Covers is a comprehensive guide that will show you exactly how to create professional looking ebook and software covers.

And here's the best part of all...

You don't have to spend a dime on any expensive or complicated draw program!

Why? Because we include links to two different fully functioning, advanced graphic design and vector drawing programs that you can download absolutely FREE.

Although each one gives you the ability to create 3D cover images, we've taken it a step farther. We've also isolated and combined the best functions of both programs so you can create professional looking covers as fast and easy as possible.

Of course, if you prefer to purchase software, we've covered that option as well. First, by recommending the same affordable program that some of our staff members use, and second, by including specific cover creating instructions for that particular program.

Keep in mind, however, that you don't need to use a paid program. The free programs are more than capable of producing quality 3D cover images.


Don't feel like taking the time to create cover images from scratch? NO problem...

You'll also receive over three dozen original, professionally designed cover templates - exclusive to buyers of Make Your Own 3D Covers. Simply import them into your draw program like you would any other image and they're ready for you to add text and design touches.

The Benefits Are Incredible

Regardless of whether you want to create your own 3D covers or sell them and make a profit, this tutorial is chock full of benefits.

  • so simple you can make great looking 3D covers even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body

  • step-by-step easy to follow instructions will have you creating quality 3D covers in less than an hour

  • specific instructions using individual draw programs (Windows Paint, each of the professional graphic programs you download for free, and Real-DRAW PRO).

  • four dozen color illustrations make it push-button easy for even a newbie to follow along

  • comes with 43 original professionally designed "plug-in" 3D ebook, software, and cd cover templates

  • lead-you-by-the-hand directions cover all the basics in preparation for the more advanced sections

  • instructions on how to take a pre-made template and turn it into a professionally designed 3D ebook cover

  • create a 3D software box cover from scratch - detailed one-step-at-a-time instructions shows you exactly how to duplicate the cover for Make Your Own 3D Covers

In less than an hour you can create your very own professionally designed 3D cover. Start from scratch or use any one of the original cover templates that are included at no extra charge.

And since the instructions cover several different draw programs, you can also adapt the information to any other draw program you might want to use.

The important thing is that you'll finally know exactly HOW ebooks and software cover images are created!

Product Images MAKE The Sale!

Consider an ebook or software product accompanied only by sales copy. Without an image to represent the product, the viewer is left to wonder, "What exactly is it that I'm buying?"

Put a professionally designed 3D cover on the web page and it's a whole different story. The viewer can actually "see" what the product is. And believe me, that's a powerful psychological marketing tool.

The bottom line? A good quality 3D cover image makes the viewer much more willing to purchase the product.

So what are you waiting for? Stop drooling over all those other product images and start creating your very own 3D covers today!

Maggie Lietz

Please Note: Make Your Own 3D Covers is NOT a software program. It's a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to make 3D covers.

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