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Hire A Professional Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is someone who can provide quality professional content in most any format you require. Articles, sales copy, manuscripts... you name it and a ghostwriter can create it for you.

So tell me. What kind of ghostwriter project do you have in mind?

Sales Copy
Do you need some "killer" sales copy created for your web page? Or maybe your existing copy isn't producing the sales you'd like and needs to be brought to a higher impact level. A professional ghostwriter knows exactly what it takes.

Would you like to distribute articles that will assist in getting your name and your business well known throughout the Internet? Hire a ghostwriter to create a single article to get you started or as many as it takes to "flood" the entire market.

Have you ever wanted to produce your own ebooks, either to sell outright or simply use as free distribution marketing and promotion items? All you need to do is come up with the topic and a ghostwriter can create the finished product.

Ecourses and Reports
These are the hottest things going, especially if you're in need of building your own opt-in mailing list. You simply offer viewers a free ecourse or report in exchange for their name and email address. And it's even more effective if the ecourse or report is exclusive, something they can only get from you.

A Ghostwriter Can Lighten The Load

It's a busy and demanding world we live in. And you've probably got more than enough on your plate right now without having to personally handle each and every writing project that comes along.

But what if you had your own personal ghostwriter, someone who could easily accomplish any and all of your writing requirements? Just think how great it would be to simply tell someone what you need and have it completely taken care of... without you lifting a finger!

It doesn't matter what project you have in mind. Whether it's an ezine ad or a 300-page manuscript, a ghostwriter has you covered. And that means you can devote all that extra time to whatever activities or tasks you prefer to be involved in.

What they say is definitely true... time is money. So don't let another day slip by without discovering the incredible value of having a personal professional ghostwriter at your beck and call!

What To Look For In A Ghostwriter

Contrary to what some people believe, you should not choose a ghostwriter based primarily on what they themselves have written or accomplished in the publishing world.

Don't get me wrong. You absolutely must choose someone who has superb writing skills. However...

What matters most is how they are going to write YOUR content. Will the ghostwriter have the ability to reflect your style rather than their own? In other words, can they get into your shoes and basically become you from a writing standpoint?

Yes, you want your content at its highest quality level. But you also need to consider whether or not the ghostwriter has the capability of creating something in a style or format other than what they personally publish.

Of course, sales copy is a different story altogether. If you don't possess quality writing skills in that particular area, you definitely want a ghostwriter who can provide the best advertising and marketing content possible.

And since ghostwriters are not always able to divulge what they've created for their clients, make certain they're willing to send you a sample of what you're looking for PRIOR to hiring them. If you don't, you could easily wind up with content that is professionally written but nowhere near what you originally had in mind.

Now we come to the subject of editing skills. Many people have the ability to write extraordinary content but that doesn't mean they can edit properly. In fact, most professional writers send their own work to an independent editing firm or individual once they've completed the writing itself.

The last thing you need is to pay a ghostwriter only to find out that you still have to hire a professional editor to "polish" what they've written for you.

Another important aspect in hiring a ghostwriter is whether or not they're willing to work with you one-on-one. Can you easily reach them by phone and/or email? Will they really listen to what you have to say and abide by your specifications or guidelines? If need be, are they willing to offer valuable suggestions and insight?

Finally, make absolutely certain you're dealing with someone who will tell you the truth about whether or not they are capable of handling your particular project. Here's a classic example of what I'm talking about...

A few years back, I received a ghostwriter inquiry from a young man who had begun writing a manuscript that involved wizards and supernatural events. He asked if I could 1) rewrite/edit what already existed, and 2) finish the manuscript.

After thoroughly reading and analyzing the existing portion of his manuscript, it was obvious that the only person who could possibly finish that particular manuscript was either the young man himself or a ghostwriter who was extremely familiar with that sort of subject matter.

I explained this to him and politely declined that particular project. A few hours later, I received an email from him thanking me for my honesty and integrity. It turns out that he had written to several ghostwriters and I was the only one who hadn't responded immediately with unrealistic promises or asking for a down payment (without even reviewing his manuscript first).

So you need to be very, very careful. A truly honest and professional ghostwriter will work extensively with you and even provide certain assistance prior to any money changing hands. If a ghostwriter you contact doesn't seem inclined to do that, continue your search until you find one who is.

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