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Ghostwriter Services

Ghostwriter does all the work but YOU get all the credit!

Don't let all those creative ideas go to waste. Whether you're writing a five page article or a full length novel, Ghostwriter is here to help get the job done right.

Every literary project begins with an idea. It could be as basic as writing an article or sales copy to promote your business or as ambitious as providing detailed biographies of every twentieth century world leader. Or maybe you're thinking about creating one of those how-to books people find so irresistible.

Of course, once the subject matter is chosen you're facing the most important challenge, one that will ultimately determine your success... the writing itself.

You might have the greatest idea since the invention of the zipper but it's not much good if the content doesn't live up to the reader's expectations. The bottom line is, providing good quality content is simply non-negotiable.

And that's exactly what you'll receive when you hire Ghostwriter. Quality content. The kind of professional writing you'll be proud to sign your name to. Remember... Ghostwriter does all the work but you're the one who gets all the credit!

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If You Need Sales Copy Or Website Design And You're Just Starting Out Or On A Budget...

Let us know what you need and what your budget is and we'll tell you what we can do for you. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Use our online form to contact us. Tell us exactly what you need and how much you can afford. Who knows? Maybe we can help you get started as well.

Ghostwriter Services

Copywriting - $65 per page* (minimum)**
Any content, any format. Do you have a great idea for a publication but don't have the time or inclination to write it? Just give us the subject matter and a brief outline of what topics you'd like included. Ghostwriter will take it from there, doing all the necessary research and then creating the entire project from start to finish.

Sales Copy - $115 per page* (minimum)**
Regardless of what your product or service is, it takes killer sales copy to make the sale. Whether you need classified ads or several pages of sales content, Ghostwriter can handle all of your written marketing and promotion needs.

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IP Blaster
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Page Swirl
Article Equalizer
Romance Starts Here
Top Keyword Data

Edit/Rewrite - $10 per page* (minimum)**
Need your existing content brought to a higher, more professional level? Ghostwriter will do whatever edit or rewrite is necessary, including proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

HTML Coding - $15 per page* (minimum)**
If you need your content converted to HTML format, Ghostwriter can do that as well. Most ebooks are compiled using HTML pages, but there's much more to it than just the coding itself. Design, layout, navigation, and user friendly aspects of each and every page are equally important.

PDF Files - $5 per page
Simply hand over your Word document and we'll turn it into a professional custom PDF file/ebook that can be accessed by everyone, including Mac users. Cost includes a basic page design and layout. Advanced design, layout, and/or graphics could constitute additional cost.

  *per page: approximately 275 words per page
**minimum: aspects such as lengthy rewrite, extensive research, or advanced HTML coding might incur additional per-page cost

Design Services

3D Ebook Covers - $49.00 each
Now that Ghostwriter has added cover design to our list of services, you can have a great looking 3D cover image at a truly affordable price. What better way to "show" buyers your electronic product than with a professional 3D cover! 3D Cover Samples

Website Design and Development
Would you like a professionally designed website? Is your current website in need of an upgrade or makeover? Our website development team provides custom page layout, navigation, graphics... everything you need to establish a successful Internet image. Contact us.

Ghostwriter Support

Need more information? Check out Ghostwriter Frequently Asked Questions and How To Hire A Professional Ghostwriter. Or, you can simply contact our Ghostwriter services ;-)

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