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Arm Your Newsletter Against Spam Filters

by Maggie Lietz - Copyright 2005

Everywhere you look there's another program released that prevents spam from reaching your Inbox. And while that's a good thing for the average Internet user, it's causing considerable havoc with newsletter publishers.

In case you're not already aware, these programs base their filtering capability on specific words, ones they assume are somehow related to spam messages.

For example, let's say your cousin Joe is using a spam filter program. You could innocently type in "free ebook I want you to see" in the subject line and good old Joe would never even receive your message. Why?

Because in all it's electronic wisdom, his filter software has been programmed to watch for certain words. It quickly determines the word "free" has to be associated with some devious spam infiltration attempt and therefore prevents it from getting through.

Now let's assume there are thousands of Joe's out there, all armed with spam filters that diligently guard their Inbox day and night. You send out a newsletter to your usual subscriber base, fully expecting that most of them reach their destination.

Unfortunately, you happened to include an article that discussed in detail how to use free ebooks as a viral marketing tool. In fact, the article was so informative, you decided to include a few words about it in the subject line... INCLUDING the word free.

Well, you can pretty much bet that any subscriber that happened to set up a handy, dandy spam filter program isn't going to get that particular issue. So what do you do?

To start with, you need to be aware of what words are commonly considered to be associated with spam messages and either avoid using them or disguise them in some way (i.e., f^ee instead of free).

The problem is, the words and phrases that are generally filtered by these programs are not always obvious. Fortunately, there are also programs and/or services that give you the ability to check the content prior to you releasing your newsletter.

Rather than risk giving you a link that might no longer be active, it would be best if you simply go to Google and conduct a search for "spam check". That way, you'll be sure to find something current.

The truth is, spam is never going away. Nor is there any foolproof method of eliminating it entirely. And as long as that's the case, more and more programs will be released that filter messages.

And the more diligent and advanced the filter programs become, the harder newsletter owners will have to work in order to see that their publication reaches their subscribers.

The ultimate solution, of course, is to simply publish your newsletter online. And although we've already discussed it with regard to archived issues, it's important that you create a permanent online version.

If you're concerned that publishing an online version would be too much work, it's really not. Just like you have a standard format for your email newsletter, you can develop a web page newsletter template as well. Then, all you have to do is duplicate it for each issue and fill in the current content.

Don't have the skills or time to create your own web page template? No problem. You can simply use pre-made, professionally designed newsletter templates like the ones available with Plug-In Newsletter Templates.

But regardless of how you create your newsletter, make certain you publish an online version as soon as possible. After all, it's the only surefire method of producing a newsletter the way you want rather than something dictated by a spam filter program.

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Maggie Lietz

Maggie Lietz specializes in writing, creating, and publishing ebooks. Plenty of valuable information about ebooks, online business, and Internet marketing is available on her website at Professional services include website and graphic design, copywriting, and ebook cover images.

Feel free to use the above article in its entirety. All I ask is that you include my "About the Author" resource box. Thanks. Maggie Lietz

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