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How To Generate Maximum Profit From Mini Sites

by Maggie Lietz - Copyright 2005

It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, new to the Internet or veteran marketer... mini sites are a proven and solid method of generating large amounts of money online.

Of course, in order to do it right, it helps if you implement the best formula...

To begin with, you need to choose a keyword or keyword phrase that has the following criteria:

1) it happens to be searched for by at least several thousand viewers each and every month

2) there's not a great deal of competition for that particular word or phrase<

3) it can be directly or indirectly associated with a specific quality product or service

Next, you create a mini site from which to sell the product. You provide valuable content that constitutes at least several pages. The exact amount depends on how you format the pages and how much information you decide to include. Regardless, the overall idea is to create a "mini" information site rather than a massive website laden with countless pages.

Since there is little competition for the keyword(s) you selected, it's a relatively safe bet that you'll receive a top listing with most major search engines. Assuming, of course, you strategically and properly place the keywords within the content of your pages. In other words, optimize the pages for search engine consideration and "approval".

What you've got so far is a mini site with quality content that's related either directly or indirectly to the product you're selling. You've also chosen one or more specific keywords that will automatically bring targeted traffic each and every month (remember, thousands of viewers are already searching with those keywords).

Plus, you've got good placement in the search engines simply because you chose something that didn't have a great deal of competition.

What you need to be aware of, however, is that using this mini site process is not about making a ton of money with any one particular product (although you certainly could if you choose wisely). It's mostly about creating a series of product mini sites that generate a volume of independent income streams on a regular basis.

Basically, you create and release a quality mini site and then immediately begin creating another one. No independent advertising, promotion, or marketing effort is necessary. That's because you're relying on a substantial amount of targeted viewers arriving at your individual sites automatically through their existing search efforts (of course, if you have the time and inclination, you can also actively promote through additional methods).

As Phil Wiley (master of creating mini sites for profit) points out, even if you take in a relatively small amount of money through one mini site, having fifty or a hundred of those minimum-income sites can collectively generate a substantial monthly income.

Will it happen overnight? Of course not. But the sooner you get started, the sooner you begin to build an automatic system of generating income. And, if you take time to conduct all your research properly, there's a good chance that most of the mini sites you create will pull in a decent amount of money every month.

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Maggie Lietz

Maggie Lietz specializes in writing, creating, and publishing ebooks. Plenty of valuable information about ebooks, online business, and Internet marketing is available on her website at Professional services include website and graphic design, copywriting, and ebook cover images.

Feel free to use the above article in its entirety. All I ask is that you include my "About the Author" resource box. Thanks. Maggie Lietz

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