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The Extraordinary Value Of Ebooks

by Maggie Lietz - Copyright 2001

Not so long ago, few had ever even heard of an ebook, let alone considered creating one. But thanks to an overwhelming degree of recognition and popularity, ebooks are fast becoming the second most effective means of providing information across the Internet.

Naturally, websites hold the number one position. But ebooks are closing in fast. And on some occasions, websites and ebooks share the spotlight as equals.

Each one thoroughly enhances the other. If a website is already popular, a corresponding ebook can greatly increase its value. If you create a powerful ebook, there is no better vehicle to promote it than a website.

Truly, a match made in Internet heaven. Assuming there IS such a place.  ;-)

Unfortunately, ebooks also carry a perceived value that could easily destroy the very nature of what makes them so important in today's online marketplace. What it amounts to is this...

Some people look at ebooks and see only dollar signs. Creating (and then distributing) them is nothing more than a means of making a quick buck. And hopefully, such a large volume of quick bucks will be generated, they'll need several bank accounts just to handle it all.

The truth is, ebooks in themselves are not a direct means to getting rich beyond your wildest dreams. And in spite of what some might have you believe, you can't just slap together some articles or lame interviews, throw them into an ebook, put up a single web page crammed with hyped-up sales copy, and become wildly successful.

Granted, you may in fact generate some income off of unsuspecting buyers, individuals who might not happen to recognize a gimmick when they see one. Maybe your sales copy was geared toward making them believe your ebook was the answer to all their financial woes, giving them false hope that they too could somehow be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Of course, people who think along those lines don't really care about what their buyers think or how it made them feel to purchase yet another worthless ebook. All that matters is how fast they can pad their own pocket.

If a particular ebook doesn't make them rich, they simply repeat the process all over again with yet another inferior product, advertised and promoted through more misleading hyped-up sales copy.

Far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade or even suggest that each and every individual doesn't have an equal right to pursue financial gain. I do, however, have something to say to anyone who chooses to produce and distribute inferior ebooks merely as a means of making money...

Quoting the now infamous Dr. Phil, "WHAT were you thinking?"

Do you honestly believe John Q. Public isn't bright enough to catch on to your I'm-only-in-it-for-the-money ploy? Do you really believe that distributing one inferior ebook after another is the way to gain solid recognition and repeat sales?

The only method of generating substantial income from ebooks is to produce a quality product, one that actually contains valuable and worthwhile information. If you're not willing to invest the time and effort it takes to do that, you'll be missing out on a very lucrative and long-lasting opportunity.

After all, even though an ebook is nothing more than an electronic file, it truly is an emazing product. Just like any other file, it can be downloaded almost instantly, then opened and viewed at the reader's leisure whether they're connected to the Internet or not.

And since hyperlinks can be included in an ebook, you can easily direct the reader to any and all websites and programs you're personally involved with when the reader is connected to the Interenet.

Needless to say, that's an extraordinary method of free promotion for all your other endeavors. Yet another means of generating additional income, beyond the initial sale of your ebook.

But there's even more incredible value attached to ebooks. Especially when you consider the alternative which is publishing a book in the real world. Consider the costs involved, the effort it takes once the written manuscript is complete.

First, you need to find a literary agent (unless you personally know someone in the business, the days of submitting directly to major publishing firms have long since passed). And even if you're fortunate enough to find an agent who is trustworthy, your ultimate success or failure is totally out of your own hands.

Alternatively, you can self-publish your book, but now we're talking about an even greater risk. You're going to pump a good deal of money into this project with no guarantee that you'll ever see one single dime of profit.

Now consider the ebook. Other than a one-time purchase of software to compile your ebook, and perhaps the cost of setting up a website, there are virtually no out-of-pocket expenses.

Create an ebook and you've got a product that can be distributed to thousands or even millions of consumers with no effort whatsoever.

Just look at this quick benefits list...

- you get to retain any and all reprint rights
- you have a limitless choice of subject matter and content
- you have total control over layout and design
- there's no inventory for you to keep track of
- there's no work involved in printing, packaging, or shipping
- you can fully automate all sales and distribution
- you enjoy 24-hour sales potential, 7 days a week
- you'll generate near 100% profit on each and every sale
- you never have to SHARE the profit
- you enjoy the satisfaction of providing readers "instant gratification"

Think about it. You write an ebook, self-publish it with compiler software, set the associated purchase and download process on auto-pilot, and you're done. No muss, no fuss.

Other than the writing itself, the only time-consuming work involved is marketing your product. And even the advertising and promotion can be reduced to a manageable one or two days a week, an hour or two a day.

Beyond that, the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the rising balance of your bank account. That's assuming, of course, you took my advice and created a quality ebook that contained valuable and worthwhile content. ;-)

Maggie Lietz

Maggie Lietz specializes in writing, creating, and publishing ebooks. Plenty of valuable information about ebooks, online business, and Internet marketing is available on her website at Professional services include website and graphic design, copywriting, and ebook cover images.

Feel free to use the above article in its entirety. All I ask is that you include my "About the Author" resource box. Thanks. Maggie Lietz

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