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Winning The Search Engine War

by Maggie Lietz - Copyright 2015

How many times have you heard how important it is to rank well in search engines?

More times than you can count I imagine.

But just how important is it? Do you really need to labor and sweat over whether or not any given web page is ranked at the top of search engine results?

That depends...

Are you interested in financial success or just bragging rights?

You see, it's really easy to rank number one in any search engine. All you have to do is pick some obscure search term and optimize your web page accordingly.

Naturally, searching for that particular keyword is going to result in your web page being number one. In fact, it's most likely going to be the ONLY web page for that particular search term.

And in case you're wondering, that's how many bogus marketing and promotion firms justify the money their clients pay them. They get their web pages ranked number one for odd search terms and call that a successful strategy.

It's not. Mainly because the average person would never use that particular search term. So yes, it ranks high for the term, but if no one is using it when conducting searches, it's totally useless.

So if you're looking for bragging rights, all you have to do is optimize your pages for obscure search terms. Then you can go tell everyone how many number one spots you have. I'm sure they'll be thoroughly impressed.

If you're in touch with reality and actually want financial success, the task of ranking number one in search results is a tough nut to crack. Especially if you're competing for keywords that others are working just as hard to maximize.

The truth is, it takes a lot of time and effort to rank well. But it also requires that same amount of commitment to KEEP top rankings.

Unfortunately, while you're focused on doing that, all the other areas of your business could be suffering. Or worse, you could be missing out on even better ways to increase website traffic.

So let's step back and take a look at the bigger picture...

What if you simply optimized each of your web pages for specific keywords and then moved on to something else? What if you didn't actually labor over whether or not that page got to number one or not? What if you just relax and do the best you can?

Amazingly, most web pages that are properly optimized will automatically rank well for whatever keyword you're targeting. Maybe not number one, but certainly good enough to generate traffic.

If you repeat the process - always properly optimizing web pages for keywords that will benefit you and attract targeted viewers - you'll always be in a position to rank well enough to get good results.

On the other hand, if you're totally fixated on getting to the top of search results, by all means waste your time doing so.

While you're stuck in that vicious cycle of creating and maintaining your search engine rank, other marketers will be concentrating on methods that actually bring better results.

Things like actively promoting through social media, YouTube, forums, email campaigns. Basically any and all methods that will put them in touch with their target audience.

And yes. They'll also benefit from long-term search engine traffic. Simply because the pages they did optimize properly will always be there working diligently to bring in even more viewers.

That's the way to win the search engine war.

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